Why You Keep Getting Calls For Someone Else

You have never met Joe Smith ever in your life yet you keep getting calls for him day and night. These calls are from collection agencies. Sometimes they are nice and other times they are downright mean and often idiotic. They call you a liar when you say you are not Joe Smith. Others hang up and call right back. Yet others are ridiculous enough to tell you the only way you can verify you are not Joe Smith is to give them your social security number. Ultimately you are going mad and don’t know what to do other than to get a new number which is probably the best thing to do.

Here is why this happens and the steps that lead up to you getting calls day and night.
Collection agency buys or receives file X to collect on
They skip trace the file which basically means they run a search through a third party or the yellow pages to find the debtors phone numbers
They start calling these numbers in order to locate the debtor

Next collection agency receives file X and they also skip trace the file, however there are only a few companies out there so the odds are high they are using the same company as the previous collection agencies have used.

The problem here is that the companies selling the data refuse to have any safeguards or processes in place to fix wrong numbers. CBC Innovus said they would help but Experian is another story. I have tried contacting a number of people within their organization and I get nowhere.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC ) are governmental agencies that could help in the matter yet I don’t see them addressing this issue. The FTC is trying all kinds of competitions and tricks to stop robo-dialing but I have yet to see them implement a type of “Do Not Call” registry that allows people who have their phone number on someone else’s credit report to remove it. The CFPB’s heart is in the right place but their agency is full of Economists and other really smart people who have no clue about the collection agency world. For example they could hire people like me who actually ran a collection agency once upon a time. They have dandy theories yet are missing things cracking down on the sellers of data of which a high percentage is erroneous.

So in a nutshell you are getting called day and night because data sellers are selling your phone number attached to someone who has defaulted on their debt.

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