Top Internet & Phone Scams


  1. IRS Debt Collection – These guys call and often scare the living daylights out of you.  Sometimes they say they are getting ready to throw you in jail.  The sheriff will be coming to your door to take you to jail.  They will say all kinds of crazy things.  The fake IRS people have sent some of us some very scary looking emails.
  2. Computer support (virus on your computer) – No one can automatically know there is a virus on your computer except for the people who put it there.  Sometimes you might get a seemingly permanent popup on your computer that says you have a virus.  First, try holding the power button down for about 15 seconds or more until the computer completely shuts off.  If your computer is still messed up, call someone you know or take it to the store.  Do not call the number in the popup under any circumstances.
  3. FAKE Collection Agency – There are some unscrupulous types out there who start calling random people or get credit reports and call people telling them that they are a collection agency.  Ask them for proof that they are licensed to collect in your state.  Or get their information like website (they should have one in this day and age) to verify who they are.
  4. Phishing – Sometimes scam artists call you with rewards or scare tactics to get you to give up your information.  No one should call you and ask you to verify anything sensitive like social security number.  They might say you won a prize and need your information to verify who you really are.  However, be very careful if it is extremely sensitive information they are asking you for.
    EASIEST WAY TO VERIFY: Ask them for their information and phone number.  Call them back.  If it is really the IRS or state lottery or anyone legitimate they will never be afraid to give you their number.