Who’s worse, lawyers or debt collectors?

A collection agency calls you and in one way or another make you mad. You owe the debt but you can’t pay or don’t want to. So what do you do? You go on the internet to whine and complain with all the other people who don’t want to pay. However in your research you come across your knight in shining armor. Attorney Joe Blow is here to help. Guess what, you don’t have to pay a single penny. They are going to save you from the big bad bill collectors.

Well my friends, nothing in life is free. Nothing is easy otherwise you wouldn’t have defaulted on your bills. When you contact many of these attorneys, the only person who really gets paid is the attorney and the calls don’t even stop. The attorney takes a template and changes all the info with your info. I have seen many of these letters where they forget to swap out the old info from these letters. Often the collection agencies will settle with the lawyer and cancel the debt. Most of the time you were not under obligation to pay the debt anyways as it was beyond the statue of limitations.

1. THE LAWYERS GET PAID ($3000 – $5000 for sending out a templated letter)
2. Your debt which was pretty much worthless gets zeroed out
3. Your million other bills and problems are still there and you still keep getting called on those

1. Wrong number: Tell them they have the wrong number when they call but be calm and polite the entire time. They are getting your number like all the other collection agencies that call you from the credit reporting agencies (Experian, Innovus, etc).
2. Setup a payment plan or settle one lump sum with them. Get something in writing that states your plan and what they will do once you make all the payments like sending you a paid in full letter.