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You are here because you have collectors from collection agencies harassing you. We are here because someone should be in your corner helping you to level the playing field. Plus we have over 20 years of experience dealing with these agencies so we know all their secrets including how they can get blood from a stone.

Types Of Debt

Debt is a financial obligation that requires a borrower to repay a lender over time. There are many different types ...
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Problem 1 : They are calling the wrong number. Other companies keep calling too. This has been going on for ...
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Collection agencies serve an important purpose.  It is only when this purpose has been twisted and manipulated such that they ...
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Latest Articles

  • Not My Debt – Calling Wrong Person
      The Scenario Who is John & Mary Smith and why do people keep calling me for them.  My phone is bombarded by their calls day and night.  Sometimes the caller is polite but most often they are quite rude.  No, I do not know them or how to get a hold of them.  I Read More
  • Collectors Calling Work, Relatives, Friends
    The answer to your question about whether collectors can call you at work, your relatives, friends, or neighbors is a very simple yes. HOWEVER, this does not mean they have carte blanche in ignoring the FDCPA calling rules. Some Obvious Things Collectors Can’t Do Harassment of any kind Repeated calls Swearing at you or others Read More
  • Debt Consolidation Or Debt Settlement Companies
    I will say right off the bat that I do not like either of these options.  Working with debt consolidation and debt settlement companies is not as cut and dry as they make it seem.  The main reason is that most of these companies will charge you a fee that further adds to your debt.  Read More
  • Victim Of Identity Theft & Fraud
    The calls have been steadily rising regarding phantom accounts.  It was extremely confusing because the callers had all of your information and you had no idea what they were talking about. To top it all off, the conviction with which the callers insist you are the debtor is making you nervous. It is slowly dawning Read More
  • Too Much Interest Or Completely Wrong Amount
    The Wrong Amount The wrong amount being collected is one of the most common issues that we come across. It is either the debtor forgot or the collection agency added a touch too much interest and fees.  Either way you want to be sure before you start paying a single penny towards hundreds or even Read More
  • Refusal To Verify Debt
    ACT I The phone rings while you are watching your favorite tv show after a long hard day at work. You: Hello Collector: Is this so and so? You: Yes it is, how can I help you? Collector: I am from XYZ company calling about a very important legal matter. I first need to verify Read More