Student Debt

graduation-1311237Seems like everyone is saddled with student debt nowadays. If you are in default or have collectors hounding you about your student loans we can help.

The government has a lot of options if you have trouble paying back you student loans.

Debt collectors should not be harassing you or threatening you. If you ask for options they should give you some but of course it would be better if you knew about them beforehand.

Keep in mind that there are two kinds of loans, private and government. Both are different but may be backed by the government. Regardless of which kind of loan you have, they can all be serviced by your normal, average, run of the mill collection agencies so you could possibly have the same problems that many have with collection agencies.

Step 1: Find your current student loan information at this government site click here

Step 2: Find out what they can or can’t do and what your options are at this government site click here and here

Be very careful about the sites you visit for help. Some seem like government websites but they are not. The best way to know if the site is legit is to make sure it has “.gov” in the name like the ones I have above do.