Wrong Number


Collectors calling my phone for someone else.


The person they are calling for had your number in the past and it got recycled or maybe someone entered it in wrong.


Do not try to avoid them because they will keep on calling.  Largely this is not the collection agency’s fault.  They are getting your number from other companies.  Some of these companies are the credit bureaus.

  1. When the collection agency calls be calm and get the collectors name, the company’s name, and the person they are calling for.  Tell them you are not the person they are looking for.  You do not have to give personal things such as your social security number.  Never do that.  Tell them to look up your name in the yellow pages if it is there to prove that you are not the person.
  2. Contact the main reporting companies and have them remove your number from the other persons name.


  • Call each of the companies listed below and ask them to remove your number from the wrong persons information.
  • None of the companies currently do this so it may take a minute or two to explain and make them understand. Be patient and do not yell at them, be nice.  Remember you are trying to get them to do something for you and they are probably some entry level employee who doesn’t know much about what their big corporation does.
  • Here is what I tell them: I am calling to have my number removed from “John Doe’s” name.  I keep getting calls for “John Doe” and my name is not that.  I can send you a copy of my phone bill for proof if you need.  They might not understand right off the bat so be patient and try to explain again.  Let them know you are getting calls for John Doe and the reason is because their company keeps selling the collection agencies information that says John Doe currently has the number.
  • Tell all of them they should have an automated process to do this online on their website (currently they do not)


Top providers of phone and address data to collection agencies

CBCInnovus 800-540-2505 (alternative: 877-237-8317)
– Seemed helpful and willing to remove the number

Experian 800-509-8495
– Did not seem helpful but keep calling these guys. Tell them you will call them as much as the collection agencies keep calling you.

Be ready to send a copy of your phone bill with your name on it to them if requested. What we have tried telling them is this: Someone elses credit report contains my phone number. The collection agencies you keep selling this information to are calling and harassing me day and night.