Refusal To Pay

IMPORTANT: If a company that legally owns your debt decides to sue you and they have all the proper documentation and proof then they will do so and win.

What To Do If You Don’t Want To Pay

File for bankruptcy

This is probably your best option to get the monkey off your back and start over. This however is no easy task and should be absolutely your last option.

Live as a thief

The following applies only to those people who choose not pay their bills or get credit with the intention of not paying back that credit. You bought that tv, used that tv, enjoyed that tv. You have not paid for that tv yet. You should pay for that tv just like I paid for mine. Yes I know you got all the excuses. However, at the end of the day you didn’t fall on hard times or have some hiccup in your life, this is your life and that is why you are reading this so I think it is time for you to change your life and come enjoy a better level of existence.