Halsted Financial Services

Halsted Financial Services, also known as Halsted Financial Services, LLC and HFS, is a third party debt collector. They have been working over the years to clean up their reputation so read below because they are responsive to us and our clients.

WARNING: Don’t fall for the scam websites out there who try to get you to PAY them by promising you that they will get rid of your debt.

  1. How can you get Halsted Financial To Stop Calling You?

    YES, click here its easy we actually tried it with a few of our clients: Remove Number

  2. Can you SUE Halsted Financial and get paid instead of having to pay?

    The different websites out there make you think you can but if you read their fine print, most of them aren’t even lawyers. What they do is make sure they get paid first if they are lawyers. For example, if you owe $500, they will send anyone an “intent to sue” type notice. Here they will ask for $2000+ and see if they settle. Halsted does not usually settle because they are a legitimate company with compliant operating procedures (mostly). These websites might get some money to go away and maybe just maybe get your debt waived but usually not.

  3. Can you send them some legal looking documents and blow them off?

    So this is a new one that has popped up. These “marketing” type companies that make you think they are lawyers will sell you letters or a system that makes you think if the collection agency doesn’t respond then your debt is waived. This is not true at all. The letters say they request a validation of debt and that they have 30 days to respond. No this is not true. Read carefully because these internet marketing companies who are taking your hard earned money write all this in their terms and conditions.

  4. But what can I do about Halsted Financial Services?

    If Halsted Financial Services has broken any laws then please contact us with the info and we will try to help you. Whether or not you want to thank us is completely up to you once we take care of the matter Click Here

Who Is Halsted Financial Services

They are a collection agency based out of Illinois. From our research it seems they collect on automotive, retail, financial, manufacturing, health-care, higher education, government, commercial, transportation, utilities and telecommunications industries.

Halsted Financial Services Complaints

You can find many of their complaints throughout the internet but there is nothing you don’t already know or no one will give you the information we provide to help you go beyond the complaining and start taking action.

The Answers Are Easy, Click Here

Harassment  Wrong Number  Payment Help

Halsted Financial Services Address

Halsted Financial Services
P.O. Box 828
Skokie, IL 60077

Halsted Financial Services Phone Number: 855 472 6628

What Is The Law

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was passed to protect consumers from abusive and unfair collection practices by debt collectors. While the definition of “harassment” may vary from person to person, there are specific behaviors addressed in the FDCPA that apply to all companies like Halsted Financial Services that collect debt. If you are contacted by Halsted Financial Services regarding a past due account, you have certain specific rights. If those rights are violated by Halsted Financial Services, you have the right to specific remedies, including making a report to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and filing suit against Halsted Financial Services for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

You have the right to tell a debt collector to stop calling you about your debt at any time. When asked, the debt collection agency must provide you with the full name of the company and a mailing address where you can send a letter requiring them to stop contact regarding this debt. You may do this even if you owe the debt. After they receive that letter, the debt collection agency may only contact you to tell you that they will stop their collection efforts or to inform you that they are no longer trying to collect the debt or that they are taking legal action against you.