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Debt is all around us and growing larger every day.  From simple credit cards to college, car, and home loans.  This causes many of us to sometimes feel like we are stuck in the middle of the ocean, helplessly drowning in this debt.  Fret not, because I am a former collection agency owner and been in the industry for over 10 years and am here to help you.  This site is my attempt to correct many of the wrongs which I encountered on a daily basis that still continue to this day.  As you browse this site, you will see all the free information and tools which allow you to stand up to the bullies and break the endless cycle of debt.

First off, debt is big money.  Millions of dollars in debt changes hands every day and trillions every year.  From relatively small amounts under $100 to $1000’s all the way to billions like Greece and Puerto Rico.  In all of these instances including the countries that default on debt, the results are the same.  Regular people at the bottom of the food chain end up paying over and over again.

It is because of average hard working people who keep getting screwed over and over again that I created this site.  My goals are to people by informing them of their rights and the best way they can settle their outstanding commitments.  I want to help you figure out what is true and what is false when dealing with your debt.  This is not a site to help you dodge legitimate obligations and debts because I truly believe you have to pay back what you have borrowed.  However, I am absolutely against your harassment, manipulation, and fleecing.  A $100 debt should not turn into a $1000 debt.  You should not have to pay without validation/proof of debt.  You should get proof of payment and verification upon payment.


  1. Original Lenders
  2. Brokers of debt (middlemen)
  3. Debt buyers (companies and investment funds)
  4. Collection agencies
  5. Credit reporting agencies
  6. The Government
  7. Lawyers (especially the one supposedly working for YOU)
  8. FEW INFORMED DEBTORS (less than 1%)


  1. Most uninformed debtors – YOU
  2. Taxpayers (almost same #1) – YOU
  3. Consumers (almost same as #1) – YOU

Notice anything about the lists above?  Let me spell it out for you if it isn’t crystal clear.  THE BIGGEST LOSER is you my friend.  If you want to change this narrative then you must inform and educate yourself.  The first step is reading the articles on my site.  Please send me your questions and comments and I will try to help you as best as I can.