Threatening Phone Calls

The Credit Doctor

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If you are getting threatening phone calls, chances are you are dealing with the bottom 1% of collection agencies. Because of these rogue agencies who feel like they can do whatever they want, the situation requires immediate action. The following is some clarification on what are threatening debt collection calls and what are acceptable.

Threatening phone calls:

  • The sheriff is coming to your house any minute to arrest and take you to jail
  • I am going to come knocking on your door
  • An asset analysis is being done as we speak
  • We will call you at work and talk to your coworkers and even boss
  • Your bank accounts will be frozen
  • Yelling, Screaming, Swearing, Threatening Bodily Harm

Acceptable and NON-Threatening calls:

  • Simple call about your debt
  • Asking you or verifying they are talking to the right person
  • Informing you about your debt and your options
  • Letting you know about non-payment (yes they can take you to court)

Normal collections calls should inform you truthfully about your current situation and what will happen if you refuse to pay. Therefore, crossing the line into harassment is easy to spot and even easier to remedy. Start by calmly telling the agent that you have been recording the call, they are violating the FDCPA, and you are going to contact a lawyer and the attorneys general.  Consequently, they will probably hang up before you can finish saying the word recording or think you are bluffing. Meanwhile, to have some fun next time actually record the call, play it back to them, and listen while they wet themselves.